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EO2 On Your Wall

Your EO2 will arrive with everything you need to mount it on your wall.  All you need to provide is a drill!  To mount the EO2 on your wall, follow these steps:

1.   Use the supplied hex key to screw the lugs onto the back of your new EO2 display.

2.  Draw a mark on the wall where you'd like the center of your EO2 to go.  We recommend 57" from the floor, or about eye level.

3.  Center the Wall Mount over the mark, using the built-in bubble level to straighten it, then trace the locations of the two holes in the Wall Mount onto the wall.

4.  Using a 3/16" drill bit, drill two holes in the center of the marked locations.  Screw the wall anchors into the holes.  Secure the Wall Mount using the included screws and washers.

5.  Plug the DC plug into EO2, then carefully slide EO2 down into the Wall Mount, ensuring that it's securely attached to the wall before letting go.  Press the power button on the back of the display.

6.  Download the Electric Objects app from the App Store, Google Play, or visit electricobjects.com/apps.  Create an Electric Objects account (or log in to an existing account).  Follow the instructions in the app to connect your EO2 to the Internet.  Success!

To see a video of this in action, click here.