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Create a Playlist

Playlists allow you to create lists of artworks that you can set your EO to automatically rotate through. Artworks you've marked as "Favorite" will automatically be it's own playlist.  

Please note that Playlists are only available through the Electric Objects app. 


Create and add artwork to a Playlist 

You can create and add to a playlist when looking at an artwork. 

1. Navigate to the artwork you would like to add and select Playlist on an iOS device or the Playlists icon on an Android device



2. Under Add to Playlist > Select New Playlist to create a Playlist or choose an already created Playlist you would like to add the artwork to


3. If you chose New Playlist, enter the name for your new Playlist in the blank box and select whether your Playlist will be Public and viewed by everyone or Private and viewable by only you > Select OK



Play a Playlist

In iOS:

1. At the menu at the bottom of the screen, select the Playlists icon to navigate to the "My Playlists" screen


In Android:

1. Go to menu > select Playlists            


2. Select the Playlist you would like to play. 


3. Tap the Play button 

4. If you have more than one EO, you'll be asked to choose which device you would like to display it on