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Troubleshoot Your EO2 Wifi Connection

This article is intended for customers who are having problems connecting their EO2 or EO1 to the internet.  

Common external factors for poor WiFi reception

 Your home may have environmental factors that can sometimes impact the EO2's performance.

  1. The presence of many WiFi networks - either yours or your neighbors.  This can interfere with your own router's performance.
  2. Building materials such as concrete, metal, ceramic and some brick and stone
  3. Older router models

You may need to experiment with the positioning of your router and/or EO2 for best WiFi reception.

Should I use 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz for my EO2?

The difference between 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz is a little bit like the difference between AM and FM radio.  Anyone who has taken a long road trip knows that an AM radio station can be picked up for hundreds or thousands of miles from its point of origin, but the quality is lower.  FM stations tend to disappear from your radio after 2-3 hours of driving, but the quality is much better.  With your EO2, the analog to radio station quality is artwork download speed.

Consider where your EO2 is placed - is it far away from the router?  You will probably want to use 2.4 GHz for its range, and sacrifice artwork download speed a bit.

Do you enjoy generative or animated artwork?  Move that EO2 closer to the router so that you can take advantage of the faster download speed of the 5 GHz band.

Do you live in an apartment building?  Using 5 GHz may help remove interference from other WiFi networks.

Does your residence have architectural elements that block WiFi signal?  Consider purchasing a WiFi extender to improve the signal in other rooms.

Quick Fixes

 These are common ways to address initial set-up issues with internet-enabled devices.

Conduct a Factory Reset (EO2 Only)

If you have attempted to connect your EO2 multiple times with no success, you may wish to do a factory reset.  This clears the saved WiFi networks from your EO2 so that you can attempt to connect it again.  To do this, you will need a toothpick, or other small pin.

  1. Locate the factory reset hole in the back of the EO2
  2. With the EO2 on, insert the toothpick until you can feel a switch being pressed
  3. Hold the toothpick in place for approximately 3-5 seconds until the display goes black
  4. Remove the toothpick and attempt to reconnect your EO2

Note:  Limited force is needed for the factory reset.  Please be gentle!

Here is a video of a factory reset for reference purposes.


Advanced Troubleshooting (Known Issues)

These known issues should only be addressed if you are experienced with technology.